Season 02: Trailer

The lotus is the National Flower of Vietnam, the home country of my parents, who were escorted to Britain after escaping the Vietnam War.
It’s a flower that is seeded in mud and pushes its way through murky water to bloom beautifully on the surface. You cannot see its struggles – only its beauty. It’s for this reason, that the lotus flower represents rebirth, enlightenment and overcoming adversity.

The podcast went on hiatus for 10 months as I recollected myself, and although I’m not in the headspace to share more of my personal journey, I have been granted a new lease of life to continue the conversation of race, identity, mental health and more via interviews and stand-alone episodes.

The trailer for Season 02 is live and ready, and I hope to see you soon for more. 🙏

Photo by Nong Vang via Unsplash.


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Hosted and edited by Naomi Hoang.
Music by Yaiza Varona.

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Released: 15/11/2021

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